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One might ask at this point how or why would an organization like a State Farm Bureau do anything deceitful, unethical, misrepresentative or maybe even unlawful that would end with the organization becoming the taker and destroyer of a former member, County Gov Affairs Chair, OFB Township Trustee, and Agri Business and farm owners personal and private property.

As is usual ones life status, dealing with employment, ego or a misguided attempt to achieve something that is personally perceived to be worthy of sacrificing some one else’s grievous situation for common good is some reasons.

It is a grievous and serious fact that very serious crime is often committed to hide or cover misdemeanor actions or attempts to cover a perceived looming trouble spot because of unperceived actions or misrepresentations.

The OFB provided to the law firm of Brickler and Eckler in Jan 1997 an organizational, personnel, and financial statement. This report had been requested by the firm B & E to determine OFB financial capability of providing funding for purpose of litigating the Amos’s calculated expensive “taking” case against State and Federal Gov. The report was an elementary requirement for this OFB supported case.

The requested Report was provided for B & E by Dunn & Bradstreet, an outside source.

According to the Dunn and Bradstreet Report John Fisher had been interviewed in fall of 1995 by search committee from OFB Board of Trustees and hired by approval of State Board of Trustees to become executive VP of OFB in May 1996. He would replace C. William Swank who was retiring after 28 years. This was an opportunity for long term desirable employment. It is stated at time of report that Fisher was employed by Ill. Farm Bureau as Director of Gov. Affairs and Commodities.

There are Farm Bureau Chapters in every state in United States. They are all well organized and usually well funded political lobbying machines. They all sell memberships to achieve monetary means and people power.

Mr. Fisher in his stated capacity in the Illinois Farm Bureau would have had to deal and direct dealings with the corrupt Ill. Political systems. All F. B Chapters by nature of their purpose are highly political.

In accordance with Ill. Law the Illinois Farm Bureau was able to operate an Insurance Company that they had started. They were investigated by a well known and accredited TV show and host over monetary situation. They had considerable monetary possibilities because of this insurance holding.

Illinois was at this time home of the American Farm Bureau with a home grown Illinois farmer Dean Kleckner as President. It was reported at one time that he had himself become involved in inequities.

The OFB is governed by a member elected State Board of Trustees which in turn elects one of their own to be the elected President of OFB Organizations which then becomes No. 1 Uno, Uno.

While the elected State Board of Trustees and President are the No. 1’s in control , these OFB type of Boards are not on daily duty and usually become “rubber stamp artists” for savvy and manipulative executives. Ohio Farm Bureau Corporate offices are in building owned by Nationwide Ins. And known as 2 Nationwide Plaza. Many former OFB presidents and executives serve on Nationwide Insurance Board of Directors. A paying job that guarantees OFB support by Nationwide Ins. OFB started Nationwide Ins. These Columbus offices are their home offices.


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