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After reading homepage of how OFB approached Amos on Private Property Issues through Dale Dorhner

Look at example of motions filed against Amos:

OFB FIRST FILING PAGES AGAINST AMOS (See Ashland County Courts for full details)

Amos's were told verbally that loan agreement and mortgage note were for purpose of assuring state trustees that if Amos's received sufficient monetary settlement that OFB would get repaid

This amount was ruled inaccurate and voided by courts

OFB filed suit for foreclosure more than three years before maturity of any portions of loan and mortgage agreement

There had been NO VIOLATIONS by Amos of Loan or Mortgage agreement when OFB filed foreclosure suits

Same as #14
There had been no violations by Amos of Loan or Mortgage agreement when OFB filed foreclosure suits

Sentence #3
OFB in the persons of Keith Stempert, Pat Casey and Irene Messner refused Payment. Amos gave business records on site, took computer copies and refused to accept payment on behalf of OFB. No formal demand billing or otherwise were ever made by OFB until approx. 30 days before foreclosure suit. It was then demanded that $636,056.56 was due

No court action and no legal or negotiated settlement was ever accomplished OEPA or others for "takings" or "partial taking" on Amos claim. Claim never Resolved. (Sentence #3) Only one demand for Gross pay calculated by OFB was ever made 30 day before foreclosure suit

No breaches or defeasance was committed by Amos's

Because Beneficial was not taken care of as agreed, Amos's paid an additional $70,000 as Beneficial was paid for the 3 years by Amos and still carried a balance of $70,000 at the end of 3 years. OFB realized they did not do as agreed and therefore proceeded after 3 years adding another $70,000 in loan to OFB!!! It was done in a Certificate of Deposit to guarantee the loan to Amos by Key Bank. Amos started all over to repay loan again!!!
Nan still admitting at mediation hearing of OFB underhanded working of withdrawing the certificate of deposit by supposedly someone that helped OFB. With no peat harvested to sell, Amos was forced to default on this loan

OFB did not carry through on their agreement, written and stated, thereby causing Amos's default

None of these statements were ever proven in a court of law. Amos's were denied their day in court by a BOGUS or FRAUDULENT SUMMARY JUDGEMENT.


OFB statement of $636,026.56 (mostly interest) was reduced by court BECAUSE of their own imposed loan limit. NOT EVEN ACKNOWLEDGING THAT THIS WAS THEM COMING TO US FOR A JOINT VENTURE TO FIGHT PRIVATE PROPERTY RIGHTS.


Judge denies state law and case law

This is for investigative purposes in the Ashland County courts. Search Ashland County Clerk of Courts to find this information.

This is only the beginning...


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