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After purchasing our farm, a ditching project for drainage of approximately 30 acres of land, vegetable farming was first on our agenda. The ditching contractor, knowledgeable by having worked in similar areas before, informed us that we were dealing with a peat bog and that it would most likely be unprofitable to attempt a farming operation in this area. Remembering that a neighbor had told us shortly after purchase that a previous owner sold several thousand cu. yards of “black” soil from this area, we then sought technical soil testing and evaluation and research into what possible profitable endeavor could be done.

A fledging business named “Amos Peat” went into operation selling Bulk peat and Peat based horticultural, nursery, golf course and garden soils in late 70’s and early 80’s. As business progressed a decision was made to bag soil products for retail. Amos Peat became MOHICAN ORGANIC PRODUCTS in fall of 1980. First soils were bagged in 1982 with 400 semi truck loads per season being sold at the height of our business in the mid 90’s.

Doug Adamo, with Codes and Permits in the Huntington W. Va. Office of U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, came to our farm on Oct. 20, 1992 stating that the Corps of Engineers had an “anonymous” report of fill being placed into “their wetland”. I held deed and title to said property and Mifflin Twp. Ashland County, Ohio had approved a property entrance that had been constructed to enter the north end of our property from Mifflin Twp. Rd. 1265. No fill was ever determined to have ever been submitted into a wetland or on our property by any Twp, County, State, or Federal authority.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, using laws and Army Corps Regulations contained in 33 CFR governing “Dredge and Fill” operations and regulations under 404 of The Fed Clean Water Act and State of Ohio Regulations under 401 of State of Ohio Clean Water Act, which I had stated to be unreasonable, unfounded, and unlawful, were used to verbally “shut down” the Amos’s on Oct. 20th 1992 and officially by letter from Corp of Engineers dated Nov. 6, 1992. The District Court of Washington D.C. ruled in 1997 and 1998 in a series of rulings involving “dredged and fill” rules by Army Corp of Engineers that these rules were “manifestly” unreasonable and unlawful because they did not have congressional approval. Amos’s business had been “shut down” from Nov. 1992 until summer of 1998 because of these rules and regulations THAT WERE ILLEGAL FROM THEIR INCEPTION.

OFB came seeking OFB membership from Amos’s on a membership drive when they discovered our story in 1995. OFB stepped into picture in Oct of 1996 claiming a desire to help us fight our property rights issues and to use the Amos’s case to strengthen State of Ohio Property Right Laws. We agreed to be a partner in this fight which was also to bring “compensation” to the Amos’s for “illegal shut down” and “takings”. Business was known as MOHICAN ORGANIC PRODUCTS until its demise in a 5 year period from Fall of 2002 to May 2007 by what we believe to be DECEIT OF OHIO FARM BUREAU, false affidavit, by their attorney, from world’s largest law firm, JONES, DAY, false affidavits and statements by State officials, denials of legal rights by courts.

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