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Dear Joyce:

We took the opportunity to go through your website and read the tragic story that has happened to you and your family. It is hard to believe that this could happen in America. We were so moved by it, we inserted your website on our NARLO website this afternoon. Take a look at www.narlo.org and go down the HOME page a little until you find "THIS COULD HAPPEN TO YOU!" A brief description is followed by a link to your website. We hope folks will read it so that others can see what happens to law-abiding landowners in America, who become the target and focus of federal environmental agencies. You are welcome to forward this information at your discretion.

The sad truth is, there are thousands of stories just like yours, all over the country. We are working with a landowner in Southwestern Washington State that has had her land flooded by actions of the federal government and two Non-governmental agencies, armed with federal dollars and the law, to convert the river habitat she adjoins to pristine conditions for salmon recovery. Because of their actions, she has been flooded out on 12 separate occasions and fish get trapped in her flooded fields and die there when the water recedes. The road to her property is also flooded. She has tried fighting but these agencies have the "law" on their side. Ludicrous! Property rights are all but dead.

In any event, we wish you and your family well and hope our meager efforts will help a little.

Please take care,

Ron Ewart, President

Dear Joyce,

Jeff Benedict and I received your email and looked at the link. Thank you for sending it to us. There are many tragic stories involved in this issue and we are doing our best to try and fight it from becoming more widespread.

Thanks again,
Sariah Safford
Assistant to Jeff Benedict

Dear Mr. Ewart,

We want to thank you again for putting us on your web site. We see amazing results with our story also spreading with yours. We see it was clicked on in 6 different countries by the stats that we watch. It is looked at all over the United States. It also shows that people are spending time reading.

In Michigan we see someone is doing many hours on it and about 27 more the same. We appreciate so much for you taking an interest but unfortunately we have had no comments or anything back. It appears that no one might be interested in tackling until it happens to them. But then again if someone would be interested it would take tremendous time of research on their own before they might contact us.

We still are in total shock and disbelief on how this happened. We sort of wondered if you had any comments from anyone that it has reached.

We are grateful and appreciative to you and members.

Farley and Joyce Amos

"Thank God It Wasn't Me!"
By Ron Ewart, President
Copyright July 16, 2008 - All Rights Reserved

It has been fairly well documented that when a soldier on the front lines of battle, sees his buddy crumple into a limp and lifeless form after a bullet rips into his skull, the living soldier's first response in his mind is, "Thank God it Wasn't Me!". Now some soldiers, instead of retreating in abject terror from the loss of their buddy, get furious with the enemy and are catalyzed into action to defeat that enemy. From whence heroes are born. While still others retreat into the shadows and do everything possible to avoid engaging the enemy. From whence cowards show their hand.

Well all around you are soldiers (your neighbors) falling to the "bullets" of government excesses. Their lives are being turned upside down, their assets being used up in fighting and their property being taken without due process, much less compensation. But what do many of us say when we learn of it? "Thank God it Wasn't Me" and then keep our heads down low so that government won't notice us and take away our rights, as they have done to our neighbors.

Recently we learned of a landowner, who was not in violation of anything other than clearing a small ditch and burning some debris, has been railroaded in Kangaroo Court proceedings by an arrogant prosecuting attorney and a judge and was thrown in jail for over 60 days with a $100,000 cash bond for contempt of court because he had the audacity to challenge judicial authority and represent himself. He was totally denied due process, his motions went unheard, he was unable to even subpoena witnesses by the judge and it appears that the prosecuting attorney (and other government bureaucrats in the case) and the judge are guilty of gross prosecutorial misconduct, lying, manipulating the record and fraud of the highest order. Their all-to-apparent motive was to make an example out of this audacious landowner who dared to challenge unconstitutional environmental rules and the courts authority, based on common law and the Supreme Law of the Land. To this day the threat of jail and more fines continues to hang over his head.

But if thousands of his neighbors stood up for him, the prosecuting attorney and the court would have to back down. Unfortunately, the thousands won't stand up for him, so he and his wife will become just another victim of an out-of-control government who is Hell bent on relieving us of our money, our rights and our property. But hey; "Thank God it Wasn't Me!". Right?

In a local newspaper, an article appeared that a small suburban city had filed a resolution against a property rights initiative. A clear and glaring example of GOVERNMENT against WE THE PEOPLE. How dare WE THE PEOPLE try to regain the power of the CONSENT OF THE GOVERNED, as granted to us by our own Federal and State Constitutions? What audacity, what arrogance we must have, to challenge the KING. But WE THE PEOPLE don't have any rights. Only the government has rights. And that is certainly true unless we CLAIM and DEFEND our rights. But we must ask, why do we have to pass an initiative to uphold a right we already have under our Constitution? Why indeed!

So let us sum it up, just in case our message isn't crystal clear. Politicians, legislators, commissioners, councils, boards, committees, bureaucracies, courts, judges, attorneys, at all levels, (government) the social and radical environmental groups that lobby government and the news media that supports them, have formed a very powerful and malevolent alliance against WE THE PEOPLE. They use our money and the power that is derived from our money and they use the power of the press to impose their executive, legislative and judicial, unconstitutional, dictatorial rule to enlsave us. They thwart us at the executive level, they thwart us at the legislative level, they thwart us at the bureaucratic level and they thwart us at the judicial level. Anyone who cannot see this is totally blind. Until we recognize the "enemy", and are determined to right the wrongs that government perpetrates upon us daily, we are powerless to defeat that enemy.

The enemy, is well organized, wealthy, powerful and politically influential and they are getting the job done. They are enslaving us and we are standing by and letting them do it. If we continue with the mindset that, "Thank God It Wasn't Me!" when one of our neighbors becomes a victim of government abuse, eventually it will be one of us and all the other folks who are saying, "Thank God It Wasn't Me!", won't be coming to our aid and we will have to fight Goliath all alone, just like the hapless landowner we described above. There was a time when neighbor came to the rescue of neighbor from a common threat, like floods, fire and natural disasters. Why then will we not come to the rescue of our neighbors who are under the common threat of an out-of-control, arrogant and abusive government?

How many events will it take before the heroes among us, who grow weary of their relatives, friends, neighbors and associates continuing to fall victim to government's "bullets", finally come bubbling up out of the mud and the fog and wrestle control to where it belongs, with WE THE PEOPLE and the CONSENT OF THE GOVERNED?

Perhaps, finally, after decades of abuse, some brave Americans, instead of hiding in fearful obscurity, will get furious with the enemy and will be catalyzed into action to defeat that enemy. From whence heroes are born. Or is it possible that we are doomed to where the preponderance of us say, "Thank God It Wasn't Me!", retreat into the shadows and do everything possible to avoid engaging the enemy? From whence cowards show their hand. But as a long history has proven, the heroes among us must always bear the cowards on our backs, to right a wrong or defend freedom and liberty.

NARLO knows what to do to peacefully take back control from this government by the CONSENT OF THE GOVERNED? If you are one of those heroes, you owe it to yourself to check us out.

"If you are on a train and it is constantly picking up speed, headed for a sharp curve, where derailment and catastrophe is assured, do you individually jump off the train, or do you get the passengers on the train to use their combined energy to overwhelm the engineer and stop the train before the curve? Jumping off, or stopping the train, is going to be the lesser of two very difficult choices. Even so, the train may have to crash and those who survive the crash may be left to pick up the pieces and start over. Let us hope and pray we can stop the train before the curve. The hard fact is, we are stuck on the train, so let us do as did the passengers on Flight 93, storm the cockpit, overwhelm the evil pilot and take control of the plane. At least they, as brave Americans, tried. Can we do no less?" Ron Ewart

Thank you for that article. I sure am going to share it with the people I sent to and did not hear anything back from and more besides.
I guess Ron we have experienced exactly every word of that article and you are far ahead of this knowledge of oppression to the people and finally in realization we decided the reason to put "Farley's Prayer" at the end of Link "Legal Involvement". Most people will not read that far but we have to depend on God as they have made us homeless with children loosing their home too from working with us.

I am thankful there are people and an organization like you and I wish we could help financially but we only have SS money left for very little gas, car, phone and eating at senior citizens places. Our clothes are in storage. The past summer we stayed in Wal-Mart Parking lots over night and sat in parks under shade trees in summer heat. We feel deranged mentally.

Right now we are in a house until May 1 as our grandson was transferred for work and the landlord owes him money for repairs on house. After that is unknown except for God to intervene with His care of us.

We will do what ever we can for this short time here to expand your web also.

Farley and Joyce Amos

I took a look at your site and wish I could have been there to help.

But first of all if the country would have been an Oath Keeper of the Constitution, he could have from day one stopped this from happening to you because he has the power over the Government.

Here is something I wanted to tell you, did you know that your state is not in the union of the United States. They never joined the union even to this day so how could your state even listen to the Government.

If I was you and all of your sons, I would run for office because with people like yourself we could make an impact in office because now you know that we are up against the evil rulers of the USA as we know it should be, think about this for just one second.
We do know what you are going though and we stand by you in our freedoms. We can pull together every one of us - United we stand and United we fall (But not without the fight). I don't care what they try to do the Constitution. Read again the Declaration of Independence and hide it in your heart and have your family read it until it’s in their hearts and always be blessed.

Post up every article all over the web because the Government is even trying to shut down our blogs, which they call the 2nd internet.

It seems today that people are asleep or just don’t care about what's going on, but as time goes along and when it hits home in their life, then they will cry out for help. The sooner this happens the sooner we will have the power of the people to bring to justice the evil doers and hang them.
They are traitors to the constitution. It’s time to get people to wake up before it’s too late.

Yes when I read these articles I just want to go after the traitors and hang them, but there will be a time when we will bring justice to America. Let us put our hands together as one.

Thank You,
Charles Strillwell of Illinois


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