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The entire trauma, hardships, legal battle of OFB taking of Amos property, made a huge effect on our children, our grandchildren, their employment, their home place, our family unit.

Names or information statements will be blocked or deleted out from original version unless needed for proof or future litigations. This saga put in only to show connects of statements made.

From a road of evil travel and power, it is hard to fight against to expose truth as we have discovered to the heartbreak xxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx. But we are determined for this lifetime loss to expose the truth as it happened and why. Our children must see the evil and injustice that took their inheritance that they all worked for too,-- away.

This seems all should be in the closet where most people hide sagas and personal but it is amazing to see how far and where all the leaking drops spread that create many rivers in all directions of destruction when a family is crushed from their rightful and honest directions of how family has been raised and nurtured. Each family member has been crushed in one way or the other by direct decisions of evil ventures and agenda to take away. (Fisher quote at meeting of Amos} “You’re going to have to change your lifestyle”. He sat at our table with Auctioneers for us to sign away our farm for sale just a few months after signing contract with Amos and before contract was due in 4 years.

When will justice change the Lifestyle of Fisher, Stempert, Messmer, Still and Attorney Mansfield for the LIES implied against Amos? Messmer, and Stempert and Casey all know that we offered OFB money and they did not take it! They know that the Lord knows truth and so do they. They bore false witness and just plain lied in the eyes of God.

Xxxxxxxx asked to see many documents as he explained that he might be able to help us if documents provided info that we were on the right side of things. That was supposed to be the reason of the meeting at xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx in Canton, Ohio. We took the documents, but I basically wanted to meet who xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx and I really was not sure if he was blowing smoke to who he knew.

Xxxxxxxxx would explain to his very best friend “xxxxxxxx” of whom he grew up with and daughter went to the same school as his, family outings and etc. that he would get the inside scoop for us as by now he knew that we were fine people going through some sort of corruption of taking the farm and business. He stated with what he saw that it was just unbelievable what was happening to us by OFB agenda. It would be helpful to know decisions of judges and why. We had many emails back and forth talking in sort of code of “his friend”. It sort of happened on the golf course of our fate!

We were in COURT OF APPEALS TWICE. The first time the court ruled to put us back into the local courts with “Breach of Contract”. We finally thought we would get justice. The local judge ruled against COURT OF APPEAL and Judge Woodward only reinforced “Summary Judgment” given first by disposed Judge Runyon in 5 minutes the first time to OFB. We might add here that we belonged to OFB when Judge Runyon was elected. Hmmmm! Amazing how judges are elected sometimes.

The second time in COURT OF APPEALS is why we are exposing this situation and how we knew finally the POLITICAL TIES of the TAKING OF OUR PROPERTY.

In the trauma of waiting and anxious emails if anything was heard from the friend yet! Finally, it was told that the court would rule in our favor and not to worry any longer. We were waiting for the ruling to come down as our own attorney felt all along that we had the rules on our side. We never told the attorney or anyone at the time of our INSIDE INFORMATION. Before we received the decisions, a devastating blow of reversal all happened in the last hour of judges signing as told by “xxxxxx” still lightly for our side but seemingly was forced to rule with the rest. Now that information alone caused us to go to Records Boards of Elections in Ashland County. We discovered there all the close political ties Judge Sheila Farmer had with Ashland County and spent a lot of time there coping. Our attorney could not believe the ruling. His answer to us was “I am so sorry” He concluded his case with us as lost: our lives down the drain, business, and family in total devastation for the possible change of “Mission” of OFB. We noticed about 3-4 months of signing the contract with Amos the NEW “Mission of OFB is now to protect the “ INVIRNOMENT AND WETLANDS” and NOW CLOSE FRIENDS WITH EPA.

Now would anyone admit that our case was decided on “Law and Case Law”?

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