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 My Mother's House Confiscated

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Early in OFB relationship we asked them if they foresaw any problem in the future what so ever if Joyce’s parents that lived with us and whom we cared for; for 30 years could go ahead and put a doublewide on the farm for their dwelling. Their reply was absolutely no problem and to proceed. That was ok’d by Fisher and Stempert as they visited the Amos farm...

More personal situations that we do not like to bring out but facts are facts and truth is truth to understand the trail of events and why it took place and what was one of the worst traumas produced to my elderly parents until their death.

Joyce’s family was split for that length of time that our parents came to live with us under parent’s duress. There were 6 children. This scenario would later help OFB to undue the Will of parents and OFB to confiscate Mother’s house too.

For taking care of our parents they willed whatever was left to Joyce. We paid their electric, drilled separate well and finally in their Golden years they were able to say they had a home and their own roof over their head again. It was sure delight to see them comfortable in their own individuality and dwelling. You see grandpa still brought in paycheck. He still liked work and made some money pumping gas for BP. He's not particularly skilled at technical jobs (I'm pretty sure he's not even familiar with broadband) and he's never had a deskjob but he enjoyed working doing odd jobs around the plant, being with the workers and continuing his life till 86 as usual. My mother enjoyed the wild life out her kitchen and beautiful surroundings of the lake and bog. Swans, ducks, deer, coon and the grandchildren finally came home to her again, for Thanksgivings at her now home place. She had her own boat and they fished on the lake. 

All had been forgiven on our part and of course it was my mother’s children and my brother. The boys were her heart and mine too.  They were finally happy with life again.

But one night 30 years previous at about 3 am mother called for us to help them and in the early morning with my mother crying, She explained what was happening and I told her that my house was hers. I got rid of my furniture so she could arrange and put hers in the house as she pleased. The details were gruesome.  That is how it came about for them to live with us and I promised them yes, you will have another roof over your head. Even though it was long coming from many difficulties, it happened.

The hard heartbreaking part is the division of the family is that Joyce’s own father was killed when very young. Mother remarried and had 5 more children. Mother and I was always close, I was her helper. She taught me much. Years were hard growing up. I finally was the outsider. 4 brothers and 1 sister.

The brothers married. But one brother talked my parents into selling the home place to them with the contingency of them having lifetime estate. They also talked them into saying that they gave them a down payment so they could get the loan promising the down payment with income tax return. That did not happen. This basically happened with the rest of us not knowing.  One brother was so angry when in the future of the house was sold and the brother that sold kept all equity. Those 2 brothers have never spoken again and my mother never was called mother again by him or seen. I also have not seen him but once at a wedding to this day.

Finally my mother and step father started to complain that they could only wash clothes at a certain time. We would find them sitting in the dark to not use electric. It was etc & etc.

The Will explained the situation why that my mother had left every thing to Joyce for taking care of parents for all the years. At the last it was 2 heart operations for my mother and many, many trips to Cleveland Clinic. Amos’s footed the entire bill. We took care of them as we would our children. We enjoyed our parents so much. Never went anywhere without taking them with us to eat out. They loved that.

After second heart operation on mother is when OFB was giving the ultimatum. Parents were devastated into –total –just don’t know the words to explain. My mother did quite well after 2nd operation and then had eye surgery where she did not even wear her glasses. At 85 she still was driving me around and doing short trips. I was always amazed of her and her determination to live on. Cleveland Clinic said they were the best kept couple they had ever seen after all the medical that my mother had been through. Maybe now you might understand the word I cannot think of to say when OFB did what they did. My step father had a small stroke previously after he seemed to get too angry and took his fist and pounded the arm of couch over so much injustice. Immediately we noticed in seconds afterward that his face became drawn.  A short time after Grandpa’s heart failed one night when great grandkids came to eat supper with them.  They both; picking his extra long green beans from the garden off his plate one by one to see who would get the last one. (smile). The children left and we went back up to our house when my mother called that Grandpa was wheezing pretty badly. It took Grandpa 9 days in hospital and all he wanted was to go back to his house that they were so proud of. It did not happen.

Mother gave up too under much stress as we continued to go through horrific trauma all at the same time.  I had to finally bring mom into my house as we prepared to have moms house moved and start to pack some of her things. We did not want her to know that little by little we had to do this.  I put a bed up in my living room where she could see me at all times and I could watch her. My daughter and her husband sang and played guitar for her.  Beautiful music we always played as she could also watch the bird feeders right from her window. She quit eating soon and had many tears. At the last she wanted to go down to her house but we just could’nt as we did not want her to see. She would pat me on the back and I told her I was so sorry what was happening. She said it was ok that someday we would have a mansion.  It was a year while the property was going to sale and not sale and on and on the trauma when mom went to sleep.   Mother’s house would be the only thing left.  I realize the story may not be of interest to just anyone but want people to realize the trauma of OFB DECIET AND THEIR FINGERS REACHING EVERYWHERE TO DEVESTATION OF MANY LIVES.

My mother feared terribly of going to rest home.  One of the brothers came to visit one day and told me to immediately get an attorney to take power of attorney over my mother because the 2 of the other brothers and sister were going together to put my mother in a rest home. She and I did exactly that. The rest did not know of this. But the time came when mom was in the hospital and they went to the doctor to have this accomplished when they found out who had control of this. My mother would never go to a rest home under my care. I had the blessing of Cleveland Clinic. They all were furious. I had noticed during some of their visits to see mom and pretended they were coming to do something for her that each time mom had things missing in her house that she would be looking for. This was before I moved her into the main house. So after this it is not surprising that our attorney got this letter below.

Now the connecting part with this back ground is this.

Mom’s house payments were made for 2 years after mom went to sleep by Amos Knowing we had to move it we called the ones that held mortgage. They told us to send them estimates of some one that would go in and move it. The cost would be added on to the up to date paid mortgage. The house was originally $80,000. We had it paid down to $30,000 plus. It was almost paid for.

That is so hard to divulge but will be the basis of why brothers and sister contacted OFB.
They called to tell them that the house had not been probated and it did not belong to us. No, I did not have it probated for several reasons one that because the lawyer told us not to as possibly the OFB would end up taking it from us. And under all, one can read to see  all that went on that even the Sheriff Himself that OFB sent to keep checking to see if everything was being packed up for a couple of months said. “I do not know how you can manage with the time line OFB gave you”

Mother’s house could not be moved under OFB’s timeline. But we acted as quickly as we could and  it was planned until OFB contacted then 21st Mortgage and put the spin on them, therefore the letter. 21st Mortgage then took total advantage of legal maneuvering caused by OFB.  We were forced to abandon the Property. Many people knew what was happening to Amos Property and some were seen with trucks racing on Amos property doing damage and we actually knew who they were. We know how damage came about on Amos Home. We found all the doors kicked open on mother’s house, much damage and also so sick to see our home that we would not go near it, only when we entered the property as the destruction was going on and we made no secret, taking pictures of the destruction of our personal assets and talked to the people. Yes, we talked to the people to see who some were other then Caldwell. OFB expected this as they prepared their own authority to give to us if we showed up. They did that also. It was written by Nan Still in house atty. for OFB. They did not follow up their promise of getting the rest of our belongings under more SPIN OF MANSFIELD’S LETTER.

We were told by people we knew that went to the property several times that the house doors were kicked open and all damage. They told us they tried to close door but all was busted. We knew with all the demolition people that was hired and helped would all know that they would be able to take whatever they saw at anytime for just the ransacking. Notice MANSFIELD’S SPIN ON THE LETTER PERTAING TO THIS TOO. A good question to ask at this point is how many people could endure this?
I can never ever forget the laughing smirk of Doug Mansfield as the Sheriff and witnesses watched the countdown of minutes that he made the most unusual appearance while all was thrown into the yard outside. A tornado warning and watch was in effect within hours. We covered it with plastic and stood drenched in rain, with lightening to hold cover over what was left. OFB DECEIT!

Mom's House in the Winter with Lake in Front

Road to Mom's House with Wild Turkeys

Mom's House in the Springtime



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