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I went to Columbus to see the Secretary of State. They were going to give me a certified copy of a document stating a cancellation of INC during the time OFB filed on us.  We have seen strict rules stating if that was so they could not file on us as it would be fraudulent. There is true evidence reinstated about 3 times.  We have the whole history. IT IS NOT WHAT DOUG MANSFIELD AND SECRETARY OF STATE HAS COME UP WITH IN THEIR AFFADAVIT OF SINCE 1931 GOOD STANDING.  

OFB was dealing with Amos as INC with their written affadavit stating that they were continuously INC and in good standing since 1931. We can show where cover up has been so that if you ask for certification the latest on screen will come up with their latest statement of UNTRUTH shows first  “good standing since 1931.”

Also on May 1, 2001 Jones, Pogue, Day were just starting to make a new foundation of rules for reinstating the new INC.  It did not get reinstated until July 3, 2003. They lied to the judge, but of course took full advantage of the mistake of sending wrong cancellation material to that motion.  Judge found it was just the Service Mark.  In their new foundation of rules, we know why they did the turn a round on us causing all the trouble they could for us.  One of the new rules.------THEY WERE NOT ALLOWED TO INFLUENCE ANYONE TO CHANGE LEGISLATION.  Can you believe this?? This has taken hours and complication of compiling together to see the right history of things let alone get the documents. They would not give this document or certify while I was in Columbus.  We did this motion ourselves after finding info.

Mansfield, stated and gave his affidavit and swore that he knew positively that they always were in good standing on page 2 of motion.

This was quite the lie he is stating when on May 1, 2001 he was in the process of making new foundation rules for the new corporation that was not into place until July 2003.  It shows they were even making different amendments during that time.  He knew this beyond a doubt and lied knowingly they were not corporate for 7 years.  These type of lies were in all his motions.  We were never able to counteract and prove beyond doubt because of the courts discretions—I call it.  OFB new rules were quite interesting.  HOW COULD THEY HAVE MADE A CONTRACT WITH US TO CHANGE LEGISLATION? ON PRIVATE PROPERTY RIGHTS!  Their new rules on page 2 state they cannot influence in any way legislation.  We were now a hot potato to get rid of and take whatever they could to undue—at the price of our lives.  Believe me that is where it is at.  No money. No justice.

We want the chance to prove all the other lies of Doug Mansfiled,  Hopefully, to take this man out of as for as going to the bar.  He came with the Sheriff with a nice smiley smirk as we were coming back to our house for another load to take to storage.  They had already padlocked the house as we returned with 3 sheriffs and Mr. Chief himself.  We have pictures with everything thrown out in the yard.  A tornado was coming and warning.  We stood outside holding tarps over what was left in the storm to save what was left.  We know what terrorism is.  Check out the grand slammer page from Secretary of State.  IF you do not go into the codes their screen shows GOOD STANDING since
1931 at one point it shows Jack Fisher (agent 1931) Maybe a little reproduction of records here or some sort of mistake!?

Check out the new rules that Jones, Pogue and Day did during that time.  It took them 7 years to get it together.  We want people to see how the river of evil flows to absorb some ones life and assets.  This has truly been fraud!

This is the new evidence and how we obtained it. We called Attorney Worhatch and he states our research is right on the money.

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