OFBF Mission Statement: "...Protect Personal Property Rights."





 Beginning of OFBF Involvement

The Story
Amos Comment on Deceit
Humble Beginnings
Regulatory Shutdown
Beginning of OFBF Involvement
Legal Involvement of OFBF
Court of Appeals Saga
Certified Appraisals
Sought Political Help
OFBF Inc. Fraud
Confiscation of Property
Destruction of Amos Assets
My Mother's House Confiscated

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OFB came seeking OFB membership from Amos’s on a membership drive when they discovered our story in 1995. OFB stepped into picture in Oct of 1996 claiming a desire to help us fight our property rights issues and to use the Amos’s case to strengthen State of Ohio Property Right Laws. We agreed to be a partner in this fight which was also to bring “compensation” to the Amos’s for “illegal shut down” and “takings”. Business was known as MOHICAN ORGANIC PRODUCTS until its demise in a 5 year period from Fall of 2002 to May 2007 by what we believe to be DECEIT OF OHIO FARM BUREAU, false affidavit, by their attorney, from world’s largest law firm, JONES, DAY, false affidavits and statements by State officials, denials of legal rights by courts.


OFB before committing was very careful to established true amount of mineral desposit on Amos farm.  Certified Geologist that has done extensive work for Ohio, John Ackerman defines report of amount of yardage and tonage with expertise. 1st 2 pages only

OFB chapter of Ashland Country gave this resolution to Amos

Confidential Memorandum between OFB B & E lawyers as to the route   they would take on the Amos Case.


See video of OFB meeting at Amos farm by clicking on the video link to the left

OFB had previously failed in 2 attempts in Ohio for Private Property Issues.
As you can see OFB came to us with video of whole meeting and all that attended political orientation.

OFB atty. Larry Gerhardt requests Peat Tests from Amos bog be sent
It is also realized the value of bog by all reports before Amos signed contract in agreement to fight Private Propery Rights.


OFB boad authorizes the following:  Letter from OFB to Amos stating that State Board of Trustees are going to take actions in this manner.


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